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About Us

Established as a joint venture between Mark Schuurmans and Deena Naidoo, after many years of understanding the specific needs within the industry and the desire to service it on a professional basis.

Years of expertise has culminated in a product designed to suit every need in the Cars & Bakkie salvage industry.

Innovation solutions, fully transparent business practices & delightful customer service are what we pride ourselves on, at Target Lite.


Services We Offer

  • Cars & LDV’s upliftment’s Local (Free)

  • Cars & LDV’s cross border (Insurer’s account)

  • Storage & bonded yards (Free)

  • Variable salvage solutions for insurers (we can tailor make package to suit your needs)

  • Onsite assessments centre for insurers

  • Spares, we can supply spares at reduced costs to Insurers

  • Dealer stocking (Free) beside any fees that are outstanding

  • Upliftment within 24hrs of instructions

  • Monthly reports will be supplied to insurers

  • Monthly meetings with insurers to be in contact.

Buying used damaged cars and repairing them at a panel beater offers a cost-effective way to own a vehicle that suits your needs without breaking the bank. Often, these cars are priced significantly lower due to their condition, presenting an opportunity to save on initial costs. With the right repairs and refurbishments, carried out by a skilled panel beater, you can restore the car to a safe and roadworthy condition. This approach not only saves money upfront but also allows you to customize the repairs to your preferences, potentially enhancing the car's value. It's a practical choice for those looking to invest time rather than excessive money, creating a tailored vehicle at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Why buy damaged used cars?

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